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About us

Zhangjiagang Mercury Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacure and sales of sports, fitness and rehabilitation products.
Our company is people-oriented, with industry veterans and a strong R & D team. The main products are massage guns, foam shake rollers, massage balls and some other new products. All these products incorporate a healthy, convenient, durable and stylish post-modern personality. The products also focus on the details and constantly seek the perfect combination of traditional health and high-end technology. The company takes "all staff participation, innovation, talents, humanization, quality" as the management policy, and "focus on safety production, strive to achieve quality first, ensure consumer rights" as the target, and the company absorbs international advanced technology and concepts and integrates the whole process of design, improvement, manufacturing and mass production.

Our company has 10-15 employees, and the exporting countries are mainly in Europe, America and Southeast Asia. The annual output is more than 100,000 units and the sales volume is 2 million US dollars.


Contact Us

Contact: Steave

Phone: 0086-177 5111 8460

Tel: 0086-177 5111 8460

Email: SteaveMercury@163.com


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