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You need the massage gun to change your body.

The intensification of the pace of modern life has led to people's work and rest, the law of life is getting worse and worse, and the health problems that come with it are becoming more and more obvious. In order to better adapt to the modern people's life and work patterns, especially some young people. For this reason, we have investigated the current market demand, and we are willing to make more efforts to build our sports massage products to provide customers with more choices and needs. The Fascia gun is a key project created and launched by our company. Let us first understand some common sense of the lower Fascia gun. The Fascia gun has the functions of  relaxation, blood circulation, networking, and degree massage.At the same time, it effectively dissipates a lot of creatine produced by the body due to fatigue during exercise, work and life, and has a very good effect of relieving body fatigue; The high-frequency oscillation can directly penetrate the deep skeletal muscle, so that the skeletal muscle can be instantly relaxed, and the blood flow of the meridian nerve is instantaneously smooth. It is a powerful helper for rehabilitation physiotherapists, pain physicians, masseurs, beauticians, health care providers and other related people!

The bone machine is ideal for those who value health or want to have health. During the bone massage, the deep trunk muscles, all abdominal muscles, and all shoulder muscles, including connective tissue, are strengthened at the same time. The abdomen and buttocks will become tight, the chest and triceps will be exercised, and metabolism will be promoted for a long time. This unprecedented way of exercising can also beautify your body posture very effectively. All of the shoulder straps are stretched downwards, and every part of the coordination and feel motor function is improved.

2. Lose weight
In use, the body can cause the body to treat the body to produce heat from the inside out, so it has a certain local weight loss effect, because it is under the working condition that the muscle fat moves under the skin and consumes a lot of fat to generate heat energy. But it does help you have the body you dream of. This kind of exercise machine that can bring high-frequency vibration can rock the muscles with loose bone surface. It will beautify your posture, strengthen the back and muscles, and bring you a good body shape, this is a real health magic wand. If you can strictly follow the practice plan, then you can confidently show your proud appearance.

3. Correction type
Frequent use of the bone machine massage can really make the upper muscles of the muscles such as the trapezius muscles that pull the scapula down, so many people, including professional athletes, have incorrect postures or have back diseases. The bone machine can correct and improve the body posture in a short period of time, not only the muscles under the shoulder blades, but also the muscles between the shoulder blades and the muscles will be exercised quickly. If the muscle endurance of these muscles is improved, the unhealthy posture will be corrected accordingly, and the muscles in the cervical vertebra area will be strengthened. It has the effects of relaxing muscles, promoting blood circulation, collaterals, and degree massage, while effectively dissipating the body in motion. The large amount of creatine produced by fatigue during work and life has a very good effect of relieving body fatigue;

4. Treat or prevent back and shoulder disease
Routine fitness or exercise is incapable of involving deep muscle tissue in the body, and these weak, deep muscle tissues are the main cause of body defects and back problems. The bone machine has a good effect on expanding intervertebral space, periarthritis of shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, foot massage, and increasing blood flow rate; it can also be used to prevent back pain. On the one hand, the deep back muscles can be strengthened, and on the other hand, the painful tension of the back and neck surface muscles can be eliminated. For different diseases of the spine problem, such as neck syndrome, upper arm syndrome, spondylolisthesis, lumbar rheumatism, etc., specially developed exercises can strengthen the deep trunk muscles, stabilize the spine in a short time, improve the body shape and can be very good. Prevent back pain and disc problems.
In summary, we understand that Fascia guns are not only fitness, but their contribution to medical care is also obvious. In the next issue, we will take a look at the current wide application of Fascia guns in sports.

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