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Massage gun design target positioning

(1) Appearance. The development trend is becoming more and more simple. For electric massage guns, it is developing in the direction of practicality, householdization and environmental protection. The appearance of the product requires a visually comfortable effect, the size is suitable for the home, not too large, and easy to carry.
(2) Safe and comfortable use. Consumers purchase massage products not only for the pursuit of the function of the product, but also for the safety of use and the comfort level of use. Electric  products must not leak electricity and are waterproof.
(3) Function, effect .The function and effect of the product are the important purpose of the consumer to choose the product. For the massage gun, it can realize the massage of certain parts of the body, and can adjust the massage intensity. At the same time, you can choose the appropriate massage heads for different parts to massage the main parts of the body (cervical vertebra,  lumbar vertebrae, legs, etc.).  The massage intensity is well controlled, the function board is easy to operate, has some modern entertainment functions, and the controllability of the massage time can finally achieve the effect of reducing fatigue, treatment and health care.
(4) Suitable for personnel and price. For massage guns, the price is relatively low, suitable for the general public's consumption level; if necessary, tailored according to the individual's personal weight, height, body shape, etc., chip control is more intelligent. To make massage products popular, it is no longer a luxury for people.
Massage chairs don't need (cost and space), artificial massage doesn't need (fee and uncomfortable), all you need is a small massage gun (you can enjoy the massage anytime, anywhere), just pick up your own "gun" to resist the fatigue and pain brought by life!

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